White Wine



           Vezzani Bianco £15.75              Glass £4.30

Crisp, light and fresh with notes of citrus and fresh almonds.


Cotes De Gascogne £17.95

From the Colombard grape, this is wonderfully a vibrant, crisp fruity wine with intense lime and passion fruit aromas and a long finish.


Sauvignon Blanc 'Lanark Lane' £24.95

Everything we look for in the region, with intense gosseberry flavours against a tropical backdrop.


Pinot Grigio 'Folonari' £17.75

Glass £4.65

A light easy-drinking wine from Veneto. Fresh and fruity, with overtones of ripe pear.


Sancerre 'Chavignol' £29.95

A herbaceous fruitness combined with a clean, minerality and depth. Sancerre at it's best.


Sem/Sauv 'Whistling Duck' £18.95

Glass £4.95

Fresh and fruity with light gooseberry flavours and hints of passionfruit.


Rioja Blanco CVNE £25.95

Old vines, barrel fermented and then aged for a further three months. Fresh fruit with ripe melon and pear, lingering flavours of vanilla & butter.


Viognier £19.95

Glass £5.25

Alluringly exotic, with aromas of ripe apricots, peaches and blossom.


Verdicchio £24.75

Elagant and aromatic with a good weight of ripe, zesty fruit and almond notes.


Chardonnay Reserva £19.95

Ripe pears and minerally citrus fruit with hints of walnut and smoky oak.


Bacchus Fumé £29.75

A complex, intense, rounded wine with hints of grapefruit, lemon and spicy oak. A recent trophy winner!


Red Wine



Vezzani Rosso £15.75

Glass £4.30

Bright and fruity, with vibrant Italian fruitcake character.


Pinot Noir £20.95

Silky smooth, the palate is bursting with strawberry fruit with a classic earthiness.


Shiraz 'Whistling Duck' £18.95

Glass £4.95

Full-bodied vibrant black and red fruit flavours, with a hint of smoke and spice.


Rioja Crianza £24.50

A rich fruity wine with superb tannin structure and a great finish, given complexity and character from ageing on new oak barrels.


Montepulciano D'Abruzzo £19.75

Lashings of dense red fruit, backed up by soft tannins and a long finish.


Merlot 'Rio Alto' £17.75

Glass £4.75

Full, smooth and rich classic Merlot characteristics of sweet plums, blackberries and black cherries. Soft and rounded.


Pe Tinto £16.95

A spicy, black fruit-driven red with a big, chewy richness and a long damson finish.


Malbec 'E.S Vino' £24.50

Glass £5.95

Rich and deeply flavoured, with ripe black fruit character, and a hint of chocolate on the finish.


Barolo 'Paesi Tuoi' £38.00

Aromatic with tones of cinnamon and berry, medium-bodied with elegant tannins and a lovely fresh fruit berry finish.


Chateau Des Joualles £24.95

Delightfully soft and ripe and bursting with black cherry fruitiness. Merlot 60%, Cabernet-Sauvignon 20%, Cabernet Franc 20%.


Massaya Silver Selection £38.00

Rich and full-bodied, with lush, ripe fruit, and fragrant heady spices. World class Lebanese red with a whiff of Chateauneuf-du-Pape.




Rosé and Fizz


Slowine Rosé £17.75

Glass £4.75

A delicious blend, lighter, crisper and drier than the Californian, but flavoursome, smooth and raspberry-scented.


Zinfandel Rosé £16.95

Glass £4.65

Medium sweet, with a lovely watermelon and strawberry freshness and a creamy finish.


Pinot Noir Rosé £27.75

Deliciously pure and elegant - strawberries and cream with hints of rosehip.


Yearlstone Brut 2013 £23.50

A delicious blend of Pinot Blanc and Seyval Blanc grapes, aged for over two years beofre release. Fewer than 10 food miles vineyard to glass!


Yearlstone Brut Rosé 2013 £23.50

A soft and elegant award winning fizz, with hints of strawberry, from Pinot Noir and Dornfelder grapes.


Prosecco Frizzante £21.00

Soft, off dry and full of peach and ripe pear fruit. Frizzantee wines are delightfully gently sparkling.


Cava Rosado £22.50

Fresh and lively pink fizz with exuberant summer fruit aromas.


JM Gremillet Brut Reserve £44.95

Award-winning Champagne from a small grower, full of fresh, lively fruit and a biscuity finish.


Bollinger Special Brut NV £65.00

Famous for its rich style, big and biscuity with a touch of brioche and spice.






Allergens. All wines on this list contain sulphites and some may contain egg or milk products. Please ask a member of staff if you require guidance.



We also have a selected range of local and artisan Apéritifs and Digestifs available.